The offers of museums and monuments inside the historical centre of Orvieto have been put together into a global system called "Carta Unica Orvieto" (single card Orvieto) which groups together in a single offer The Chapel of San Brizio in the cathedral, the necropolis of Crocefisso del Tufo, the archaeological Museum Claudio Faina, The National Archaeological museum, The Opera del Duomo Museum, the Tower of Moro, Orvieto Underground, The Well of Saint Patrick and the Well of the Cava. The single card also includes Parking facilities and public transport and discounts in more than thirty shops inside the city. The unlimited use of the card, in that it can be used without limits until the offer expires, even at a distance of months and during different visits- it is an invite to stay, to come back and dedicate some time to a city which, despite its limited area, due also to its natural and artistic patrimony and its wonderful surroundings, to a longer visit to this wonderful city. The single card can be bought at the parking area near the funicular railway at Orvieto Scalo or at any of the places mentioned above along the route.

Apart from the offer of the single card there are many other wonderful sights to explore, where visitors can tour in the open air and discover treasures both hidden or in full view and experience the particular atmosphere of the city, After having visited the museums and monuments on the single card circuit, there are numerous places that are well worth a visit, to name just a few; the churches of San Domenico, San Giovenale, San Lorenzo de’ Arari, the fortress of Albernoz, the nearby Etruscan temple of Belvedere, The beautiful theatre Mancinelli. Among the main squares, is, needless to say The Piazza del Duomo, Piazza della Repubblica, (where the Town Hall is situated) and Piazza del Popolo; smaller in size yet no less fascinating, Piazza San Giovenale, Piazza Vitozzi, Piazza Ippolito Scalza, Piazza Gualterio and Piazza Febei.

A walk around the ring of the Enviromental Archaeological park, which can be accessed in various places inside the city (the main entrance being in Piazza Marconi, Palazzo Crispo) a visit to Il Pala;Gusto, housed in the 15th century ex-convent of San Giovanni, destination for lovers of wine and its culture as it is the headquarters of the Regional Enoteca of Umbria are all a must.

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